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If you are looking for MOT testing, we offer a professional service for the Rochdale area.

Using new state of the art equipment, we carry out MOT testing on Cars, Motorcycles and now Trikes, either while you wait or by appointment.

We pride ourselves on providing a fair and independent MOT test. If your vehicle requires repairs, we will contact you to explain the problem and offer a no-obligation quote for its repair.

MOT Testing in Rochdale

No work is ever carried out without consulting the owner first.

Of course, Re-tests are always free.

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What is an MOT Test and Why do I need it?

An MOT test takes place annually and stands for Ministry of Transport test. These tests must take place legally, and you can either pass or fail. If there are no problems with your car, then you will pass your MOT; however, if your car needs any repairs, then it will fail.

These tests ensure that your car is both safe, for you and other members of the public, and legal to drive on the roads. If the MOT test shows a problem with your vehicle, it will be repaired before you can drive your car on the roads again.

How much does an MOT Test Cost?

We offer an MOT test at a fixed price of £40.00.

What if the MOT has Run Out?

It is important to make sure you know the date your MOT is due, as it is illegal to drive your car without a valid MOT. If you have forgotten to book your MOT, and it doesn't have a valid MOT, then you need to book one as soon as possible, and don't drive your car until then.

MOT tests happen annually, and it is highly recommended to get your MOT done a few weeks before it runs out, to ensure it is done, and you won't forget.

How Should I Prepare my Vehicle for an MOT Test?

It is recommended to have your car serviced before having your MOT test, as any repairs that need doing can be fixed beforehand. This means you are far less likely to fail your MOT test, and the process will be less time-consuming.

Before your MOT, it is important to make sure the lights on your vehicle are working, the oil and screenwash have been checked and filled, your horn is working, your window wipers are working, your seat belts are in good condition, and your tyre tread is 1.6mm deep.

What Happens if My Vehicle Fails the MOT Test?

If your vehicle fails its MOT test, it is essential that you don't drive it until you have booked another test and passed. If you drive your vehicle without a valid MOT, then you are illegally driving your vehicle, as your car is unsafe and could cause an accident.

If your car has failed its MOT test, and you would like some advice on what to do, please don't hesitate to give us a call today. We will always be happy to help and answer any of your queries and questions. Book your next MOT test with us, and we'll give you the best service possible, so you'll leave our garage with full peace of mind.

How do I Book an MOT Test?

Booking your MOT test is easy. You can book your MOT test with Autocare Rochdale Ltd today at the fixed price of £40.00.

Please contact 01706 524692 or follow the link below to complete the contact form with your details.

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